What Information does this Site offer?

Study of Languages with Computer and Internet informs about possibilities to use the computer to support autodidactic language acquisition. Only free, directly accessible language resources for offline and online use are discussed.

In addition, the possibilities of extended language study with native speakers are presented, for language ex­change on site as well as via the Internet.

Are the Contents accessible free of Charge?

All published articles and contents of this site are copy­right­ed, directly accessible, and can be used for private use free of charge. Quoted (translated) texts and ex­cerpts are all provided with references, some of them (e.g. texts from Metapedia and Wikipedia) can be used freely.

Most of the (graphic) icons used are from the KDE project and are subject to a free license. The source and license reference appear when the mouse pointer is moved over the icon. In the footer area there are further links.

The presented programs and websites are also free of charge. Even without internet connection you can benefit from the use of a computer when learning a language; the completely network-isolated starting base (isolated computer) as well as the slower analogue modem op­era­tion are also taken into account in the articles.

For personal language study it is recommended to use a classic textbook of your own choice, with episodes and dialogues, as a central learning basis. If possible with audio material accompanying the book, e.g. CDs, records or cassettes.

The grammatical structures of a language are rather long-term stable. Also consider existing older books when mak­ing your selection.

Will there be an E-book and a Printed Book Version?

No, this page is intended for use on a classic computer only, there will be no e-books or printed versions.

No Publication Licenses, no Translation Licenses

No publication or translation licenses are granted or sold. All rights, including all translation rights, are owned by Peter Jockisch.

No Product Placement

This site does not practice “product presentation”, the sending of books, software etc. is therefore undesired.

In which Languages does this Page exist?

Parallel to the English website there is also a German version available.

Study of Languages with Computer and Internet is published exclusively under the following domains:

All copyrights, including translation rights into other languages, are owned by Peter Jockisch, Freiburg i.Br., Germany. Neither user licenses nor translation licenses are sold in any form whatsoever.

Is there a Discussion Forum and a Guestbook?

There will be neither forums nor guest books on this website. The integration of external discussion platforms is also not planned.

Forums are a great educational opportunity, even for outsiders who do not want to participate in the written exchange of ideas. The active participants explain the topic under discussion by including their collected experience and knowledge from professional and private everyday life. Discussions are led under the most diverse aspects, each only conceivable detail and argument come up, is most critically examined and scrutinized thoroughly.

The maintenance of forums, however, remains very time-consuming, even with administrative support from third parties. It is similar with guest books.

Further page-relevant information is listed in the legal notices, in the privacy statement and in the imprint.

How can one keep informed about News?

News and update information is only available through RSS news tickers and the news section, which do not require email data. E-Newsletters are not sent.

Are proposed Hyperlinks included?

This website is not a directory of commercial language service providers and is not a free advertising platform. Link lists to free or freely accessible language resources represent a personal selection. The compilation shall remain clear, no complete listing of all free sources is aimed at.

Apart from the reserved commercial advertising space, this site is not a product advertising site. No products are presented and discussed in so-called "paid articles". The sending of any products is therefore undesirable.

The program selection refers exclusively to classic computers. Applications for tablet or mobile phones are not considered.

Banner exchange and link exchange are not practised.

Information on the reserved Advertising Space

In the long term, advertisements will be placed exclusively in the areas marked with “Advertisement”; the free reading flow will always be maintained. Only static advertisements from the own directory will be published, exclusively via direct marketing. Advertisements from third parties uploaded via advertising servers will not appear: This page will also remain free of cookies and scripts in the future.

Before the first letting of the advertising surfaces an information article will appear on this side; at this later time then also the imprint will have been extended accordingly. The advertising space rental will not be advertised via e-mail or on third pages. There are neither representatives nor assistants. All e-mails are cryptographically signed, further information can be found in the imprint.

No Fundraising, no Appeals for Donations, no E-mail Advertising

I don't collect donations: I don't write any donation emails and I don't call for such actions. I do not have a donation function for myself or for my web pages. I do not send any advertising material, neither for me nor for third parties. There are also no call for donations e-mails or letters for third parties sent.

I have no representatives or assistants or other staff to speak for me. This will not change in the future. I do not offer jobs.

These notes are given in order to rule out the possibility of free riders.

None of my web pages send advertising e-mails or newsletter e-mails. I do not write letters to the editor and I do not send advertising letters or newsletters.

All information is offered exclusively „passively“ on my own official web pages, which can be seen in my personal imprint; exclusively in page-own news columns and via RSS news tickers.

I don't use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other similar third-party services.

As a matter of principle, I only publish on Internet pages for which I am the sole domain owner. My web hosting service provider is Hetzner Online AG. All my web pages and contents are published exclusively via this web host. The only exception is my account, under which historical maps are published. There is hardly any Youtube content of my own, but there are playlists on various topics.

You can find a list of my websites in the imprint of

Please also pay attention to the communication notes listed in the imprint as well as the legal notes and the privacy statement.

About the Author

Peter Jockisch, born 1970 in Freiburg i.Br., studied English and French at school. The present recommendations are based on experience gained during Internet use since the mid-1990s as well as during five language tandems on site and via the Internet.

Four pictures of my dear school, from my school days, color photos taken by Peter Jockisch. Names: 1907 “Ober­re­al­schu­le mit re­al­gym­na­sia­ler Ab­tei­lung Frei­burg im Breis­gau”, 1938 “Erich Lu­den­dorff-Schu­le, Ober­schu­le für Jun­gen Frei­burg im Breis­gau”, since 1948 “Kep­ler-Gymna­sium Frei­burg”.

Biographical notes and family pictures can be found at

Upper secondary school with realgymnasial department (Oberrealschule mit realgymnasialer Abteilung) Freiburg im Breisgau. Probably taken between 1907 and 1918, photographer unknown (picture series).

March 21, 2020

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